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Taxation & Wealth Planning

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Zhong Lun is one of the most highly regarded leading Chinese law firms in tax law and individual and family wealth planning. Our tax lawyers are renowned for their solid international expertise, especially in dealing with complex cross-border tax issues, including providing tax advice, tax planning, and dispute resolution services for cross-border investment and transactions. All of our tax lawyers graduated from prestigious law schools in China or overseas and have in-depth knowledge of Chinese and international tax laws and years of experience working at international law firms and consulting firms. Most of them possess both lawyer and tax accountant qualifications.


Our clients, mostly large multinationals and highly influential businesses and prominent funds in China, come from various industries, including internet, high-tech, funds, finance, manufacturing, real estate, energy resources, logistics, trade, entertainment, media, sports, and professional services. 


As one of the largest and most experienced private client practices in the Greater China region, we are also specialized in offering comprehensive wealth planning advice for ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families. On the litigation side, our lawyers are expert in handling a wide range of difficult and complicated asset-related lawsuits derived from matrimonial or inheritance disputes or issues of a similar nature, especially disputes over, among other things, split of shares in listed companies, cross-border share transactions, inheritance of family enterprises, and multi-jurisdictional divorces. As regards non-contentious matters, our services cover the entire lifecycle of marriage, including asset allocation planning, family trust and insurance planning, wealth safety protection, and wealth succession planning; as well as philanthropic planning. 


We also advise an array of family offices of ultra-high-net-worth individuals on tax and legal matters and have provided all-encompassing tax and wealth planning services for many eminent families.

Scope of Services

Services include:


  • Domestic and cross-border investment structuring

  • Tax services related to corporate restructuring and M&As

  • Tax services related to IPOs, including pre-IPO restructuring and planning for founding shareholders

  • Anti-tax avoidance and tax treaty related services

  • Tax services for ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families

  • Tax services related to equity incentives and senior executives

  • Import/export related tax services

  • Day to day corporate tax consulting

  • Tax dispute resolution

Wealth planning

  • Prenuptial and postnuptial asset analysis and planning

  • Asset planning relating to immigration of ultra-high-net-worth individuals

  • Pre-IPO and Post-IPO wealth analysis and planning for major shareholders

  • Will planning, voluntary guardianship planning, and emergency planning

  • Planning for nominee holding of assets

  • Domestic and overseas insurance analysis and planning

  • Planning for and establishment of family trusts in China and overseas

  • Family charter related services

  • Philanthropic planning

  • Family office related services

  • Counseling on individual family affairs and comprehensive wealth planning

  • Difficult and complicated matrimonial and inheritance litigation, commercial litigation involving matrimonial or inheritance issues, including those concerning company shares or real estate, and other related

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