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Private Equity & Investment Funds

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As one of the first Chinese law firms providing specialized legal services for private equity and investment funds, we support various stages of private equity funds, from their establishment, project investment, operations and maintenance, through to exit and liquidation, as well as structuring for listing of projects invested in by private equity funds, equity financing for the projects, and exit of private equity funds from the projects. By virtue of our extensive experience and all-round legal services, we have long maintained a market-leading position in this space.

Our services for establishment and operations of private equity funds encompass assisting varied fundraisers or investors in establishing domestic RMB funds and overseas USD funds and providing full-cycle services for day-to-day operations of domestic and overseas private equity funds. As regards private equity investment, we are well-versed in handling investment, exit, and other matters of private equity funds in different investment stages and areas, as well as representing fundraising companies in receiving investments from private equity funds, establishing financing and listing structures, and designing employee share incentive structures, among others.


Tailor-made legal services are our forte. Our lawyers are adept at developing detailed work plans with clear key points catering to different private equity and investment fund projects, with a strong focus on our clients’ core demands. Our services span various PRC legal issues involved in listing, tax, antitrust, intellectual property, labor & employment, foreign exchange, dispute resolution, and other matters relating to those projects.


Our outstanding performance in this area has earned us high praises from a great number of well-known domestic and foreign legal magazines and rating agencies. For many consecutive years, we have topped both Chambers Asia-Pacific’s and The Legal 500’s rankings in private equity and investment funds. We are also a frequent recipient of honors as one of the best PRC firms in private equity and investment funds and have amassed a great many awards and occupied top spots on rankings in this sphere.

Scope of Services

Services include:

Establishment and fundraising of funds

  • Establishment and fundraising of RMB funds such as QFLP, QDLP, QDII, QDIE, and FOF, including registration of private equity managers, registration of changes to material matters, registration of Asset Management Association of China (AMAC) membership (including issuing legal opinions to the AMAC), and record filing and cancellation of record filing of the funds

  • Establishment and fundraising of USD funds

  • Representing investors of government guidance funds, FOFs, and other types of private equity funds in their investment in various domestic and overseas private equity funds

Investment and management of funds

  • Advising private equity funds on their equity investment in and exit from projects

  • Representing private equity funds in their investment in listed companies and privatization of the companies

  • Representing companies in seeking private equity financing and other finance related matters, setting up proper structure for IPO, restructuring and M&A, and formulating stock incentive plans

Tax planning, operations, and management of funds

  • Tax planning relating to private equity funds

  • Representing private equity funds and fund managers on filing changes, operations, management, compliance and other day-to-day legal matters

  • Liquidation and dissolution of private equity funds

Dispute resolution

  • Resolution of internal disputes between GPs and LPs of private equity funds

  • Resolution of disputes arising from fundraising, investment, management, and exit of private equity funds

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