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E-Visas and BRP Expiry of 31 December 2024

You may hold a BRP card with a visa expiry of 31 December 2024 but the Home Office have previously sent you a separate letter stating your actual visa expiry date. Even those who have been granted Indefinite Leave to Remain within the past few years will likely have a BRP visa expiry of 31 December 2024. The reason for this is the EU required BRP cards to incorporate next generation encryption technology but the UK government decided against re-issuing new BRP cards and instead, to have digital E-visas.


What do you need to do next?


You will receive an email from DoNotReply eVisaDirectMail  <>  with the email entitled “Important information about your BRP and changes to the UK immigration system”. This email will set out what steps you need to take before 31 December 2024 in order to get your E-visa. Essentially, it requires you to create a UKVI account and for you to confirm your identity using the “UK Immigration ID Check” app.


Those that do not need to register for a UKVI account include British citizens and those who applied under the EU Settlement Scheme (for Pre-Settled or Settled Status).


It is advised that you continue to check your email frequently including your Junk Mail to see if you have received the Home Office email from <>.


BRP card holders who do not apply for their E-visa before 31 December 2024 are unable to prove their immigration status to third parties (e.g. their employer, landlord and bank). There is also a possibility that they will encounter difficulties at the UK airport’s border control when trying to re-enter the UK. Although the Home Office will provide a transitional period for those that do not apply, it is better to try and apply before 31 December 2024 to prevent difficulties being encountered.


The Home Office may contact legal representatives during 2024 if your immigration application was previously conducted by them. It is therefore suggested that if you have still not received the Home Office email and it is soon approaching 31 December 2024, you can contact your legal representatives to see if they can assist you with your UKVI registration and your E-visa application.


About the Author, Daniel Cheung 


I, Daniel Cheung, am a solicitor-advocate with 17 years of experience. I have worked through many of the predecessor applications (e.g. Investor, Entrepreneur, Sole Representative, Points-Based System categories) and so I have experience and a wider understanding as to the Home Office requirements for the current available immigration categories. I have rights of audience in all courts and also conduct immigration appeals and judicial review applications.




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