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Trademark Prosecution

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Trademark prosecution has always been a core focus area of our IP department. Our group comprises many elite lawyers and trademark agents graduated from prestigious Chinese and foreign law schools and is capable of providing full-range legal services for our clients. As part of our efforts to increase our bench depth and global capabilities, we have recruited a number of expert practitioners who have work experience overseas or as a judge or for the China National Intellectual Property Administration. This further enables us to provide all-round, multi-dimensional, and globally-oriented solutions and practical advice for our clients’ trademark needs.


We not only provide precise, comprehensive, and one-stop legal services in alignment with our clients’ business needs regarding application for and registration and subsequent maintenance of their trademarks, but also monitor problematic trademarks on a regular basis and conduct feasibility analysis of and offer advice on actions advisable to be taken to such trademarks. These services can help our clients promptly and effectively eradicate problematic trademarks and stop related infringement in practice. Moreover, we support our clients in handling other trademark matters they encounter in daily business operations, including educating our clients on how to maintain proper use of trademarks, regularly updating trademark information, and sorting out evidence for our clients about daily use of their trademarks. We also represent our clients in negotiations over general trademark affairs and issue opinions on the same, and provide strategic advice and legal opinions on their global trademark ambitions. Our group has maintained a stable high level of service quality, attracting effusive appraisal and earning great trust from our clients.

Scope of Services

Services include:

  • Trademark application, supplement and correction, rejection, announcement, registration, and deregistration

  • Correction and alteration of trademark information, deletion of goods from registration, and record filing for transfer, renewal, and licensing of trademarks

  • Application for, defense against, and examination of evidence on trademark opposition, invalidity, and cancelation

  • Similar trademark search and registrability analysis before application for trademark registration, and regular trademark monitoring

  • Preparation of evidence for, and recognition and protection of well-known trademarks

  • Trademark portfolio management and formulation of trademark prosecution strategy for businesses

  • Counseling on other matters arising during trademark prosecution

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