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Bankruptcy, Insolvency & Reorganization

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Our shipping group can provide the full gamut of legal services in this area, including representing clients in shipping litigations before maritime courts, higher courts, and the Supreme People’s Court and in domestic and international maritime arbitration and advising on non-contentious matters such as financial leasing of ships, and restructuring and M&As of shipping companies.


Our lawyers graduated from well-known maritime universities or law schools in China or abroad and possess solid and comprehensive knowledge of maritime laws and shipping practices. They are adept at handling maritime litigation and dealing with accident scenes. Several partners on the group are now serving as arbitrators for the China Maritime Arbitration Commission (CMAC). Our group features solid expertise, rich experience, English proficiency, and strong capabilities of tackling complex shipping disputes for domestic and foreign clientele, representing one of the strongest practices in the shipping field in China.


Our clients include, among others, companies specialized in import and export trading, shipping, ship management, and logistics, as well as crewing companies, ports and docks, shipyards, financial leasing companies, insurance companies, and P&I clubs.

Scope of Services

Services include:

  • Serving as bankruptcy administrator or member of liquidation teams as appointed by Chinese courts

  • Serving as temporary administrator in pre-reorganization of debtors as appointed by Chinese courts to investigate debtors’ general situation, assets, and liabilities, assist debtors to consult with their investors, creditors, prospective investors, and other interested parties, and help the parties reach consensus on reorganization plans

  • Conducting investigations on matters relating to debt restructuring of distressed businesses, proposing related solutions, and advising on out-of-court reorganization

  • Advising debtors, strategic investors, shareholders, and creditors of, and other interested parties to listed companies or non-listed businesses on their reorganization, settlement, and debt restructuring

  • Representing creditors, debtors, and other relevant parties in filing bankruptcy petitions against their debtors

  • Representing shareholders and creditors of companies in filing petitions for compulsory liquidation of the companies

  • Participating in bankruptcy and compulsory liquidation proceedings as legal advisor for creditors, reclaimers, and other rights holders

  • Assisting and supporting clients in cross-border bankruptcy matters

  • Participating in risk disposition of financial institutions as appointed by Chinese regulators or relevant parties

  • Other services related to bankruptcy, insolvency, and reorganization

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