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Shuang LIANG

Trainee Solicitor

Practice Area:

Shuang is a Trainee Solicitor at Zhong Lun with experience in cross-border matrimonial disputes, contractual disputes, and Sino-British governmental affairs.

Education Background:

Prior to joining Zhong Lun, Shuang completed her LLB at the Southwest University of Political Science and Law. She then went on to complete an LLM at the University of Birmingham and undertook a PhD at the University of Leeds.

Working Languages:

Shuang is fluent Chinese Mandarin with a working proficiency in English.

Work Experience:

Shuang is an expert in Chinese law and has a wide range of experience in international investment, international trade, intellectual property, international finance, real estate, cross-border matrimonial disputes, and immigration.

Professional Qualification:

Qualified Lawyer in the PRC
A.P. The Southwest University of Political Science and Law

Representative Cases:

Shuang has assisted in cases involving elements of China-UK governmental cooperation, China-UK contract disputes between Chinese and British companies, Sino-British transnational matrimonial disputes, and cross-border debt disputes. She also undertakes work in cooperation with Chinese universities in education and research.

Social Activities:

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