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Cost information

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Our fees include the services described below in the “Services Included in Our Fees” section which cover all the work required to complete the purchase of a property.

Depending on the complexity and value of the transaction, we have a minimum fee of £1,500 for any conveyancing matters which may also be varied by, including but not limited to, the following factors:

  1. Freehold or leasehold

  2. Off-plan or second hand

  3. Defective title

  4. Unregistered land

  5. Any additional documents or requirements other than those usually required for transactions of similar nature

  6. Whether purchase by cash or with mortgage

  7. Any third party might be involved, for example gifting by parents

  8. Any undue delays

  9. Any translations required

The above quote is exclusive of VAT and disbursements

  • Disbursements

Disbursements are costs that are payable to third parties in connection with a matter which may include: -

  1. Searches: £350 - £600, including VAT if relevant

  2. Land Registry fee: £20 - £910

  3. Stamp Duty Land Tax: The amount payable will be determined by the purchase price as well as whether the client owns any other properties in the world

  • If referral fees are paid to an introducer, we will pay the relevant amount directly from our own fees and this will not in any way affect how we handle the matter, nor will it increase the fees we charge.

Service Information:

  • Services Included in Our Fees

    • Reviewing all documents relating to the property, including title documents,  planning, searches, and replies to enquiries

    • Raising enquiries

    • Reviewing and advising the sale and purchase contract and negotiating the terms under instructions

    • Reporting on title and other material information disclosed and provided

    • Arranging documents for signature

    • Exchanging contracts

    • Dealing with stage payments if applicable

    • Carrying out pre-completion searches

    • Dealing with the mortgage lender’s requirements if a mortgage is required

    • Attending to completion formalities

    • Dealing with Stamp Duty Land Tax including preparing and file stamp duty land transaction return and paying stamp duty land tax

    • Applying to HM Land Registry to register client’s title to the property

  • Services Not Included in Our Fees

    • Advising on the structure of the property

    • Providing tax advice in relation to the property

    • Dealing with mortgage application

    • Attending to physical inspection of the property including collecting keys

    • Dealing with insurance of the property

    • Dealing with valuation of the property


  • Typical Key Stages and Timescale

Whilst we endeavour to act with due speed and care, the timescale from reserving a property to completion could vary from a few weeks for second-hand freehold property to a few years for off-plan property.  Generally, a residential leasehold purchase takes longer than a freehold purchase.  Typical stages are as follows: -

  1. Engaging our service including satisfying our Anti-Money Laundering requirement

  2. Receiving and reviewing paperwork

  3. Undertaking searches and raising enquiries

  4. Exchanging contracts

  5. Completing the matter 

  6. Submitting Stamp Duty Land Transaction Return

  7. Title registration

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